Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Update of my married life.

The Logan Temple where Tyler and I were married, on the only sunny day in the whole month of june. June 19th, 2009

At the reception in Rupert, Tyler's brothers and mine ganged up on Tyler out of nowhere, tackled him and with a nasty fight, including a kick to the face they got it in his ankle. You can tell my mom and I have no idea what is going on. I really didn't realize what was happening until the very end.

The Ball and Chain. I have it sitting outside our door.

Wade Lake - A family tradition.

Here is Dad showing off his Eskimo Roll after almost drownding on his first attempt. He has reason to show off too. I almost got it down though.

Tyler put up his slackline. It made for great entertainment. We only had a few people get hurt in attempting to walk across it.

Mom Turned 50!! Like the cake. I did!!

Halloween!! We carved pumpkins at Tyler and Talia's.

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