Friday, October 30, 2015

Tristan McRae Wheeler


Born:  August 28th, 2015
3:41 p.m.
5 lbs 15 oz
19 in.

He came 2 weeks early!  My water broke that morning  and we went in.  I was excited because I knew he was going to be small and I would have no problem delivering him.  Than he ended up being breech.   C-Section.  

Talon was so excited for his new baby brother "Little Tool."  
Kai was just mad.  He didn't know what the heck was going on, why I was in a strange place and
what that thing was everyone was gawking at.  

Talon Holding Tristan.  

Putting the Superman socks on him that he picked out.

 Getting ready to go home.

Talon would not leave his side.
Tristan's name was Little Tool for a long time because
that's the name Talon picked and he would get really mad if we called him anything else.
Now it is his official nickname.

Daddy and Baby.
Love these pictures of Dad and the new baby.  

Perfect picture of his little smirk.

The Boys

All the Grandboys with their Grandpa Wheeler and Dad by the Tractor

First trip to the City of Rocks.
2 weeks post I was going crazy and needed to be outside 
so we took a day trip to the City.

He should be so proud of his big brother!

I really wanted to take pictures on Tyler's Geo (AKA  "The Permadurd")
The boys love this car so much.
And yes, I am growing rather fond of it myself.

Tristan being smothered.

Tristan has already had to priviledge of going on a trip in the Geo to Sun Valley.
Talon was on a trip with his G&G Poole so we decided to take the Geo on our trip 
to the 4H camp that Tyler's parents help out at.  The muffler had fallen off so hopefully he didn't
get permanent hearing damage from how loud the car was. 

Tristan's first Camping trip!
We went out to Carrie, Idaho.

He did Great!

We went to some hot springs and explored Craters of the Moon.

 "You should take a picture of us mom and send it to everybody."
I hear that about 5x a day from Talon.

Now Tristan is 2 months old!!
9 lbs
22 inches

He is such a good sweet baby.
I love holding him, especially when the older two are
going crazy. I just look at him and zone them out.
I am so grateful for him and the joy he brings to are little family.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2 Years Old!

At 2 years old, Kai is the same size as Talon 
was when he turned three, and catching up fast.
He eats twice as much as Talon and is starting to be able to hold his own.
He has a kind heart and is always giving hugs when Talon gets in trouble.

Kai got 2 cakes this year because we celebrated his birthday at both grandparents houses.
At the Wheeler's he got a bunny cake. 
He wasn't quite sure what to think of it.

Or how to blow the candles out.  Talon was going crazy cuz we 
wouldn't let him help him.

 Talon got his brother a few presents, his favorite book and toy car 
from their bedroom.  He even wrapped them by himself and was kind enough to help unwrap them.

We also got him a  race track which he loves and plays with everyday!

Here is the birthday cake at Poole's house.  We let 
Talon decorate it.  The balls in the middle of the cake he 
put in his mouth and shot them onto the cake.  YUM!

Talon ready to jump in and blow!

4 Years Old!

I can't believe it!
4 years old seems so old.
He has grown and developed so much this past year.
I am always surprised at what comes out of his mouth. 
His imagination, stories, jokes, and logic cease to amaze me.

Talon wanted a transformer cake. And this is what I made.
It took A LOT of red dye!
It was worth getting all the colors just right! 
He loved his cake.  I held off uncovering it for as long as I could. 
When I finally gave in he did not leave.  He sat by it for more than an hour
admiring it and saying how he wanted to eat it and play with the toys. 
It made me so happy.  
We ate outside but he kept going inside and saying everyone needed to eat
with him and his cake.

 Trying to light the cake with 2 very anxious boys!

 I love the smile on his face!

The cousins stuffing their faces with cake.

What's inside!!!!!


I got Talon a baseball kit and a nice T-ball stand attempting to introduce 
him to sports.  This is how far it's gotten.
Talon I don't think will be are sports fan.
Should've gotten him climbing shoes.
His favorite present I think was the book my mom got him.
"Hot Rod Hamster Birthday."
While his cousins played baseball we sat inside and read his book.

Kai enjoying another of his presents.


Jaren (tyler's brother) got married in december and had there reception in January.  
It was beautiful.  We are all so grateful Jaren found Amber and the boys love their 
new cousin Paisley

The boys liked the waffle bar and chocolate milk.  

Talon was not into wearing formal wear! He was a grump until
he got his milk then he decided it wasn't so bad.

All the Brothers!  It's amazing, there are actually somewhat behaving for these pictures.