Friday, October 30, 2015

Tristan McRae Wheeler


Born:  August 28th, 2015
3:41 p.m.
5 lbs 15 oz
19 in.

He came 2 weeks early!  My water broke that morning  and we went in.  I was excited because I knew he was going to be small and I would have no problem delivering him.  Than he ended up being breech.   C-Section.  

Talon was so excited for his new baby brother "Little Tool."  
Kai was just mad.  He didn't know what the heck was going on, why I was in a strange place and
what that thing was everyone was gawking at.  

Talon Holding Tristan.  

Putting the Superman socks on him that he picked out.

 Getting ready to go home.

Talon would not leave his side.
Tristan's name was Little Tool for a long time because
that's the name Talon picked and he would get really mad if we called him anything else.
Now it is his official nickname.

Daddy and Baby.
Love these pictures of Dad and the new baby.  

Perfect picture of his little smirk.

The Boys

All the Grandboys with their Grandpa Wheeler and Dad by the Tractor

First trip to the City of Rocks.
2 weeks post I was going crazy and needed to be outside 
so we took a day trip to the City.

He should be so proud of his big brother!

I really wanted to take pictures on Tyler's Geo (AKA  "The Permadurd")
The boys love this car so much.
And yes, I am growing rather fond of it myself.

Tristan being smothered.

Tristan has already had to priviledge of going on a trip in the Geo to Sun Valley.
Talon was on a trip with his G&G Poole so we decided to take the Geo on our trip 
to the 4H camp that Tyler's parents help out at.  The muffler had fallen off so hopefully he didn't
get permanent hearing damage from how loud the car was. 

Tristan's first Camping trip!
We went out to Carrie, Idaho.

He did Great!

We went to some hot springs and explored Craters of the Moon.

 "You should take a picture of us mom and send it to everybody."
I hear that about 5x a day from Talon.

Now Tristan is 2 months old!!
9 lbs
22 inches

He is such a good sweet baby.
I love holding him, especially when the older two are
going crazy. I just look at him and zone them out.
I am so grateful for him and the joy he brings to are little family.


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    1. Thanks. Your girls are so cute too. I love seeing all your adventures on your blog!

  2. This is wonderful. I am so pleased for you my friends! way to get out and on with the adventures together!

    1. Thanks. It's nice to hear from you. Hope your doing good.

    2. Thanks. It's nice to hear from you. Hope your doing good.

  3. Thanks. It's great to hear from you guys. Hope your doing good!!

  4. Great Story and Family, Love It.. Inspired! You Gonna Love This

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