Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tyler's Elk

I don't have pictures of his actual elk because he forgot to take pictures so I
will post those later. Tyler and Dave Heninger shot the elk together and than my
dad got one too!! This is Tyler's very first elk!! Sorry if the pic is grose but I think it's funny.
Another nasty pic of tyler cutting the meat off.
The finished product. We got lots of meat!


  1. YAY im glad we found eachothers blogs!! I tried elk for the first time this summer! it is way good...too bad my hubby is kinda wimpy (he doesnt hunt!) haha YOur belly is so cute!! Im excited to keep in touch!

  2. Ok first off, I would never let that dead gross Elk on my counters!! How does Kendra feel about that one?haha Secondly, your little tummy is just getting HUGE in those pictures!!!haha I think you might be carrying a baby bunny instead!!hehe Hope all is well with you both!!