Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Birthday Camping!

I turned 23 on the 12th of August! AHHHH!

To celebrate we went up to the Sawtooths and went camping.

We met up with a family from our ward, the Swensons, we had so much fun camping with them. To celebrate my b-day I made cupcakes to share with everyone. Talon was really intent on getting my cupcakeand before I realized what was happening he was grabbing at it. It was so funny to watch him stare at it and grab for it. We both got really messy.

Talon had fun Sitting in the big chairs, he really liked watching the dog.

We went on a hike to 4th of July lake. Beautiful hike, and Talon had fun sitting on the banks.

Tyler helped the Swenson kids with there shooting skills. This is Brooklyn, 4 years old. The only girl of 5 kids, I think she will handle being the only girl just fine.

Talon on the banks of the lake.

Tyler named this picture "first kill." We were all getting ready to go when we heard, "I got it, I got a chipmunk, I got it!" Jackson came ready to the camp with a squirrel. Tyler's target practicing with Jackson payed off. He said he shot it from a tree, when he went up to look at it it was still squirming so he shot it again (you can see where he shot it in the neck. It was so funny to hear him tell about it. He was excited to show tyler, which made Tyler feel pretty good.

We went fishing and Tyler actually caught a fish! He had so much fun because he caught 3 or 4 and the next day he caught probably around 10.

This is at Stanley Lake. Best fishing ever. I actually caught a fish while sitting on the Beach!

My fish!

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