Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Last of Camping

We went camping and climbing the second to last weekend in october. We left at 11 at night and threw our sleeping bags on the ground. It was a chilly night. Talon was dressed in 3 super warm layers and his fleece blanket and slept all throught the night til 6 a.m. (which never happens). Tyler decided to try the fishing in the little creek we were camped by and got a bite on his first cast so we spent the morning fishing!
I caught a fish too! Tyler Caught 5 fish!

Talon had fun watching and playing.
Talon was kind of immobile in his big snow suit, he got very frustrated.
This climbing trip was harder than all the rest now that Talon is mobile. You have to watch and make sure he doesn't fall into a bush, pick up tiny rocks, and than when he gets really frustrated and cries and cries and bugging other climbers and I am belaying so I can't do anything, luckily there are nice climbers who want to hold babies.

This was the only time we had peaceful climbing- when he was taking a nap. He fell asleep while we were hiking. We didn't dare move him so this is how he slept.

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