Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Yes! You read right, we bought ducks and chickens. We decided Talon needed a pet but didn't want a dog because they are too high maintenance so we got the most easily disposable animals, ducks and chickens.
The ducks are named Daffy and Donald, we are not sure who is who because we just like to call them Duck and Duck. Talon Loves following them around the yard and talk to them. The ducks will then follow him around and if we get too far away they run really fast to catch up with us.
These are the chickens, Sanka (black one) Irv (big one) and Hugo. We think Sanka is a mutant chicken because he has ridiculously huge wings for a baby chick.
Dad and Talon watching the ducks. Talon hasn't killed any yet. He is really nice to the ducks he's only tried to squish one of their heads on a rock. But we have to be careful with the chickens, Talon hits them when they walk by so they go rolling and opens the cage and squishes them against the side, so we don't play with them.
I taught Talon the sign for bird when we bought them. He got the sign down pretty quick but he does it backwards. Sometimes like in the video it sounds like he is saying birds! It is so cute! The birds were worth getting just to watch and hear him say birds!

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