Saturday, February 13, 2010

Birthday, Cooking, and Sickness

Tyler's 25th Birthday! February 6th. Do you love his cake!
He is getting so old!

He is so excited to be one year older and wiser too!

Tyler was sick with a sinus infection and he wanted soup.
Being the good wife I am I make him an AMAZING soup!
The bad thing was I had been feeling sick as well, so I took
some Nyquil, the first time I have ever taken it.
The soup still had a little bit of time it needed to cook, so I decided
to go lay down with tyler for 10 minutes. 45 minutes later I woke to a
burnt smell and a smoke filled apartment! AHHHH! We ate it anyway.
Tyler, was totally out of it and just said it was disgusting. I didn't
even try to explain what had happened til the next morning.

Tyler on his birthday night, sick with a stomach ache! :(

Tyler sick with his sinus infection. He had a rough couple weeks.

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  1. I am glad I am not the only one that NyQuil knocks out! :) And don't worry...on Britton's first birthday after we were married I made him an ice cream cake...but forgot to take out the wax paper in between some of the layers.....and I tried to make him steak......I haven't since! :)