Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mountains We Have Climbed

Mount Bell- this was a mountain we climbed with the school
during November. We almost made it too the top
but the last part was a little too sketchy for a big group
to climb. Bummer. But it was a good fist winter climb.

Mount Borah! We did this in September! First time climbing
the tallest mountain in Idaho! It was way fun.

The Grand Teton, we climbed this the end of September.
I'm glad I have Tyler to keep me going even when I freaked out.
Maybe I will do better this summer.

Our next mountain we are going to climb......
Mount Rainier! A little higher than 14,000 ft.
Our tallest mountain yet.
Next Christmas- Orizaba, in Mexico....18,000 FEET!!!! AHHHH

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