Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mount Rainier

Tyler got to climb Mount Rainier during the 4th of July with his climbing buddy Jo Crane.
This is him celebrating on the top of the mountain. He had perfect weather on the
day they summited and had an awesome time. Now he wants to climb a bigger mountain.
This is Camp Muir, where Tyler camped. Looks a little steep.

This is one of the many huge glaciers on the mountain. I like this
picture because it shows the layers.

Looks like the clouds are part of the mountain. Careful, don't step off
into thin air!

The Trail going up the mountain at sunset.
They made it off the mountain safely until the car ride home. Barely out of the
park they ran out of gas and had to hitch hike to a gas station and back to the car.
Good ending to a fun hike.

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