Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Bathroom!

Since we have been working on the house we have redone Tyler has redone the plumbing,
fresh water lines, And the Bathroom and we are still working on the electrical. I can't do much so I just follow tyler around with a much that looks like a marshmallow trying to eat me. My job is talking to him, handing him tools, cleaning up and a little painting.
Tyler figured out everything himself! This is the last of the plumbing!

Here is our bathroom before, this is the reason why we decided to remodel it becuase around
the toilet there was a leak and it ruined the floor! We pulled this stuff up and the wood was all rotted! It was worse than we though.

The Rest of the bathroom. When we tore around the bathtub we disocovered they did a crappy
caulking job and the sheetrock behind is was also rotting really bad. EWWWW!

This was one of our temporary bathrooms. Always interesting to see how nasty it was.
We lived in Tyler's parents trailor that we parked by are house and got to use the bathroom in it which was a better but we still had to use the outhouse so the tank in the trailor wouldn't overfill. We shower and eat dinner and Tyler's parents house. We owe them a huge thanks!

Tyler working on the tile! We are getting closer!

The Grout job around the tub!

Our new sink and light fixture (we found at a garage sale for $20. yay!)

I get to sleep and and go the bathroom in my own home!!!
All we have left is trim and electricity! yay!

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  1. Now that is one good looking bathroom. I may just have to drive all that way just to have a visit in that bathroom. Applause right here.........