Monday, January 10, 2011

2nd Annual Freeze -Out -For -the- New- Year Trip

Last year for new years we stayed in a snow cave 2 nights and ice climbed.
This year we decided to go camping and hot pooling in the coldest place in
Idaho-Stanley! It got down to -27 the night we camped out. We ended up pitching our tent right by some springs. While figuring out how we were going to sit in the hot springs without freezing after getting out, we fell asleep.

This is in the morning. We actually stayed pretty warm that night (though I was super uncomfortable), so it wasn't too bad.
Can you see the frost on the sleeping bags? We ended up skipping breakfast and just packing up really fast. Luckily the car was only a quarter mile away. I got to the car and Tyler freaked out cuz half my nose was white so he made me sit in the car with a hot nalgene bottle on my nose. I guess he doesn't want a wife with half a nose.

Tyler after packing up, looks a little frosty don't ya think?

We ended up going to some hot springs after not to far from where we camped. This was right off the road along the river. It was a big cauldron with water flowing from a pipe to it. It was nice and warm. Whatever wasn't in the water got frosted.

Tyler in the cauldron!

There was no wind at all, there are frozen that way! In the few minutes I set them on the rock to change they froze. I am just lucky they didn't freeze to me!

We went snow shoeing later that day. It actually turned out to be a really nice day! It was beautiful weather and we had some beautiful views of the Sawtooths.

Tyler's extreme snow shoeing! Walking up a fallen tree and jumping off!

Carter of course grabbed the plastic glasses and made one of his creations.

Cheers to the Happy New Year everyone!!!

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  1. Ok you two. You are CRAZY!! I couldn't stop laughing over you two in the cauldron.HAHA May I just say that you are PREGNANT and you are in -27 degree weather and camping! Who crazy girl!! Are you booking your flight to hike Mt. Everest for next weekend?haha