Friday, September 28, 2012

Wade Lake

After Jaren's wedding we headed up to Wade Lake for our annual camping trip with my family.  It was a long drive but took a break and stayed the night at my parents because of bad weather.  The next day was beautiful when we arrived at the lake.  My parents, the Adamsons and my Grandma and Grandpa Poole were all there.  It was worth the drive especially for Talon who loved the canoe!

One time Grandpa Poole took him out in the canoe and every time he would come to shore and Talon would realize they weren't floating he'd freak out and start whining and crying until he saw water underneath him and knew they were floating, it was great entertainment.

Here is Mckenna, Ally and Megan after Tyler and I swamped their canoe.  They were clueless when we came up right along side them and tipped them.  After swamping them Tyler was determined to get me in the water which he eventually did after chasing these three all over the lake, 2 ended up jumping out and Macky jumped to our canoe, Tyler jumped into theirs and swamped ours.  Haha, tricky tricky.

 The next day after the third time swamping their canoe.  You'd think they'd learn.

 Tyler and I also saw a Bald Eagle on our morning canoe ride to the cove.  I saw something swimming to shore and thought it was an otter but it was an Eagle!!!   I had no idea Eagles could swim, this one could and it brought in a huge sucker fish.  

Talon playing in the cold lake water before we left for home.  
He makes everything so much more fun and interesting.  
We love him soo much!

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