Sunday, May 18, 2014

1 Year Old!

Our little Kai is one!! How a year flies by!
We celebrated with the grandparents as he demolished his own personal birthday cake.
He was timid at first but when I cut it open and he realized it was cake he dug in.

Talon wanted Kai's cake soo bad, he kept stealing finger fulls of it. Luckily grandma made him his own little cake.  
I love Kai's face in this picture, definitely feeling the effects of too much sugar but still going at it. He played in it for a really long time.

Kai is a very determined, happy, friendly little boy. He will go to anyone that puts there arms out to hold him.
He is such a goof, just thinking about him makes me laugh.  
He is also my cuddle bug.  I love it when he holds his arms up to me and I pick him up and lays his head of my shoulder and lets me cuddle with him.  
He loves dancing, playing the piano, playing with pots and pans, watching me cook, pretending to cook and attempting to play with his big brother.

He also LOVES the mud and water.  If there is anything that looks like he two he is over there before you know it.  There is no point in putting clothes him when I know I am watering the yard or garden.

 This kid also loves to eat.  He usually eats his food and Talon's leftovers.  It shows to because he is catching up really fast to his brother.

How much he has changed in just one year.
My blonde hair, blue eyed boy.
Always on the go and Always smiling.
Bringing a smile to everyone else.

 Being a mom has it's ups and downs.
Looking at this picture puts it all into perspective.
These are Children of God that my Heavenly Father has entrusted to me to show them the beauty in life and to teach them that they can do and be anything they want.  
They were sent to me because I am the one who can teach them right from wrong, to share God's love, and be a light to the world.
What a huge responsibility, it is almost overwhelming at times, but I know I am not alone in my efforts.
I love my boys and am so grateful for the mission of motherhood.

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