Friday, May 21, 2010

Hick Venture Skiing

Tyler and I climbed a mountain called Lightning Mountain with
Joe about a month ago. It was amazing weather and beautiful
scenery. It was also a very interesting trip since our mode of
transportation consisted of an old farm truck and some really
old snowmobiles which we rode on dirt!

Yep, Dirt! We rode about a mile in dirt and mud.
We had a great time riding in it too.

When we got up to the snow a couple miles back into the trail we
started to get are gear ready and realized we forgot skins for joe.
So the two engineers improvised and used some twine joe had.
Another great use for good ole twine. They worked really well!

Tyler on the ridge almost at the top!

Tyler and I on the summit!

Are first sunburn of the summer season! We brought SPF 100
but forgot to put it on. Woops!

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