Tuesday, May 25, 2010


It was sooo fun to see Jess and Britton's new Home and them!
They took us biking, drove us around mexi Pasco and took us
to some of there favorite parks. When we were at their house the kids
Liked tyler to spin them in circles and beat up on him! I think
I finally found someone who can wear that kid out!
It rained the last morning we were there so Carter couldn't ride
his bike for us! I was so sad. but we got to play in the park. Kambree showed
us all around her castle.

Carter showed off his strength on the monkey bars!
He also demonstrated his obstacle course for us.

At one point we couldn't find Kambree anyway when Jessica spotted

her walking to the car alone. Apparently she was cold and sick of the rain.

Next we were off to Seattle, it took us a while to get there because we kept finding
awesome places along the way! This was an old train station and by it there was
a B&B where you could stay in Cabooses!!
We found a sweet place to camp along the way! Don't
worry, nobody uses this road.

This is the Snoquamlie Tunnel, it's 2 1/2 Miles long!!

We walked halfway before we finally turned back.

We found a place called deception crags and rock climbed and discovered

found out where it got the name...some routes are a lot harder than they look.

We rode are bikes on a trail we found out after that we weren't supposed to down to
some beautiful waterfalls! And the trail makes an awesome bike trail, don't know why
they only let hikers on it. :)

Lower part of the falls we saw called Twin Falls. We also stopped at Snoqualmie Falls

which were really cool too.

We stopped in Seattle and wenton top of the Space Needle. Seattle was fun til we had to

leave. it was ten o'clock at night and I couldn't read the map to get us out and on the highway.

We spent the night on Whidbey island. Are campsite was beautiful and it was

only a couple hundred yards from the beach.

The next day we took a ferry to the Olympic National Forest.
And yes Lindsey we went through Port Angeles and we were an hour

away from Vampire Ville! I tried to get tyler to take me threre but
I couldn't convince him.

Anyways we hiked into some hot springs (got there after 10 p.m.) it was a
beautfiul forest and Awesome hot springs!

Last Stop! Visiting Carmen in Vancouver! She took us everywhere! this is a park by her house.

This is Shannon Falls! Canada had Amazing waterfalls!

Vancouver!!! This city is HUGE!
Carmen's mom was afraid we weren't going to be able to cross the border
because are car was so dirty so she came out in her red robe and sprayed are car off.
Her parents were so fun!

On the way home we went through Hope. Their claim to fame: Rambo was filmed there.
Doesn't Tyler make an awesome Rambo!

Last Stop: Grand Coulee Dam! It was Huge! It is a Mile Long!
After this we drove to Cour d' lene, that night we threw out the sleeping bags on a service road on the side of the highway. We stopped at a church we side right of the highway and it was a
little Branch and everyone was so friendly and nice and they all wanted us to move up and
join the branch. it was a little overwhelming.
We are home and alive! At least until the next adventure!


  1. You two are sure adventurous, my vacation would be very different than yours.
    Kambree standing by the car is about the saddest think I have ever seen.
    Carmen's mom cleaning off your car was pretty dang funny.
    Tyler does make a great Rambo!
    Looks like a fun trip!

  2. Hey guys! Cool trip! So we have digital and printed photos to get to you. Maybe sending them by mail would be best... Do you have an address? Or would you just rather get them by email or something?